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James Davey
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17 Langmead Road
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07790 289709
07790 289709
About / Bio
CHD Cattle Foot Care are a father and son family run business providing a professional cattle foot trimming service available in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset.
Our objective is to provide a professional on farm service that is well versed in Corrective, Curative and Preventative foot trimming methods.
Charlie and James Davey are trained in "The Dutch Method" of Professional Cattle Foot Trimming which is internationally recognised as the industry standard. We are Both Fully Licensed Cattle Foot Trimmers (formally category 1) and are members of the National Association of Cattle Foot Trimmers (NACFT).
CHD use their own self-designed and self-built fully hydraulic cattle crushes, permanently mounted on the back of a Ford Transit Chassis Cabs, the crushes can operate immediately as soon as they arrive on site, in a barn, a yard or, if required, in an open field. Everything is powered directly from the vehicles, from hydraulics to electric grinders allowing CHD to be completely self-reliant.
Our unique turnover cattle crushes are more comfortable and less stressful than conventional upright crushes (see our videos), our crush does not put any stress on cow joints and all four feet are safely restrained which allows us access to both rear and front hooves to identify and treat any problems with expertise.
The whole contact area – platform, head rest and leg restraints are heavily padded with cow comfort at the forefront and our crushes will accommodate any breed of cattle as well as large continental bulls and whole herds are undertaken.
Both crushes are fitted with high powered pressure washers allowing us to easily clean and disinfect our equipment after work ensuring complete bio-security.


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