The Dutch Method

This is based on the Toussaint Raven technique and was originally only taught in the Netherlands but classes are now held in the UK as well. After an initial series of lessons students are encouraged to go and trim a few thousand cows and then return to take the exam for their ‘Dutch Diploma’, which consists of both theoretical and practical work.

The five-step programme

For the hind legs (for the front legs inner/outer claw is switched):

Functional trimming:

Step 1

Make the inner (medial) claw 7.5 cm long. Leave 5-7 mm thickness in the tip of the toe. Spare the height of the heel.

Step 2

Make the outer (lateral) claw equally long and the bearing surface equally high as the inner claw (if possible).

Step 3

Make a slope (model) in the soles

Curative trimming:

Step 4

If one of the claws is damaged (often the outer claw), lower this claw towards the heel 2/3 of the sole. The weight is now partly transferred to the sound claw. If lowering is not (sufficiently) possible, apply a block to the sound claw.

Step 5

Remove loose horn and trim down the hard ridges

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