Approved Instructors

The NACFT has approved the following Instructors, all hold the appropriate instructor qualifications; Dutch Diploma, Lantra, NPTC Qualified Instructor and Training Providers and have demonstrated foot trimming proficiency.

Courses run throughout UK and Ireland

Embryonics Instructors

Tel: 01606 854411 or Visit


John Dawson

  • Dutch Diploma
  • Lantra & Harper Adams Instructors

Celia Maddock

  • Dutch Diploma
  • Lantra & Harper Adams Instructors

NACFT Approved Instructors

Neil Barrett

White Line Atlas Method Instructor, Lantra trained and Dutch Diploma

NJB Hoofcare
Mob: 07834 622970

  • White Line Atlas Method Instructor
  • Dutch Diploma
  • Lantra trained

Pieter Kloosterman

International Dutch Diploma Instructor
Dutch Diploma Awarding Body

Steve Paul


Tel: 01963 824448
Mob: 07850 960570

– Dutch Diploma
– NPTC Assessor

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